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Taxi Modderkolk is a taxi company from Apeldoorn that operates according to the standards of the TX quality mark.
Our chauffeurs are in possession of all the required certificates. Think of the mandatory driver's pass and accompanying papers, however our chauffeurs also possess extra certificates such as a first aid diploma, life-saving actions, VOG. All our chauffeurs also go through an extensive aggressiveness training course for the safety and quality of our customers.

Our chauffeurs are also street smart and very knowledgeable, speak several languages and are always dressed in a proper and formal manner. Hence, we pay a lot of attention to our chauffeurs, so that they can offer you the best of services fit for your personal needs.

As with our chauffeurs, we also pay a lot of attention to our vehicles. Taxi Modderkolk drives exclusively in new and luxury automobiles of the Mercedes brand. Thanks to our vehicles, we can offer our customers a variety of services. Think of normal passenger transport, but additionally group transport, patient transport, transport to airports and even courier services as well!

We save nothing on the quality of our vehicles. Our cars are consequently in new condition. This is also the reason that we do not cover our cars with all kinds of unpleasant stickers. Taxi Modderkolk goes for quality above all else! Quality for the costumer above all else!

We can be reached daily on the number +31 (0)55 - 23 404 04



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